ImprovAcadia is making changes. We are pursuing a collaboration with Penobscot Theatre Company (PTC) in Bangor, Maine.

The late notice of lifted restrictions prevents us from opening for the second year of the pandemic. We opened in 2004 and for sixteen wonderful years entertained people from all over the world. We welcomed so many excellent improvisers on to our stage, many of whom came back year and after. We collaborated with many on the Community Well, ImproVision and so much more.

We're happy to announce our first project at the Bangor Opera House! "Ready Set, Go!" will premiere in November 2021. Ready, Set, Go! is a format in which we improvise a play on each set of PTC's 2021/22 season. This will showcase many of our fantastic Maine based improvisers.

Yes, and... on New Year's Eve we will take the stage to give you Auld Lang Zing! An improvised musical which will feature some of our favorite ImprovAcadia performers from away.

Thank you to all our loyal supporters and patrons over the 16 seasons in Bar Harbor. We're sad that we can't continue at this time with this venue but we plan to return to Bar Harbor to the same venue with something different. We're excited for ImprovAcadia 2.0.

ImprovAcadia will be ready for the post pandemic roaring 2020's!

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Great fun for the family - my husband and I would have liked to come back for the late show!
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15 Cottage St.
2nd floor
Bar Harbor ME
207 288-2503

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(Check our info page for prices and other important information).

Contact us for more information.

Contact us

Call 207-288-2503.
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